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Kerry LovvornAbout Us - Dr. Alexander Elder

Dr. Alexander Elder is a private trader and a teacher of traders based in New York City. He is the author of several international best-sellers:

  • Trading for a Living (1993; considered a modern classic among traders)
  • Come into My Trading Room (2002 Book of the Year – Barron’s)
  • Entries & Exits (2006 Book of the Year – SFO Magazine)
  • Sell and Sell Short (2008)

Dr. Elder was born in Leningrad and grew up in Estonia, where he entered medical school at the age of 16. At 23, while working as a ship’s doctor, he jumped a Soviet ship in Africa and received political asylum in the United States. He worked as a psychiatrist in New York City and taught at Columbia University. His experience as a psychiatrist provided him with unique insight into the psychology of trading. Dr. Elder is the originator of the Spike group and of Traders’ Camps week-long intensive courses for traders. Dr. Elder continues to trade, co-manages, and is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the US and abroad.

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