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About Us has been created by Dr. Alexander Elder and Kerry Lovvorn. Its goal is to provide education, research and interaction for serious traders.

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Education for Serious Traders
Learning to become a successful trader takes time and energy. We want to help you speed up your learning process.

Watching the best Spike trades allows you to see how serious traders select stocks and decide where to enter, place stops, and set profit targets. You have a unique opportunity to view various trading styles and approaches and learn from the best.

Reading the comments on Spike picks opens a window into the thinking of serious traders. In addition to the weekly Spike spreadsheet and text file, you will receive daily access to an updated chart of New High – New Low Index, probably the best leading indicator of the stock market.

In the beginning, it is important to trade small size, so that you can concentrate on the quality of your trades and not become emotionally confused by price swings. Once you become a more knowledgeable and confident trader, you can always scale up your size.

At every stage of trading it is important to keep a journal. In the beginning, your trading journal is simply a record of entries and exits. As you continue, it becomes a research tool, a back-testing tool, a strategy builder, as well as a mirror of your psychology. It allows you to learn what works for you in the markets, what strategies are best under what market conditions. It helps you develop a personal trading style that relies on your strengths and makes up for your weaknesses.

How do you find stocks to trade?
Many pros spend hours each week scanning databases and looking for attractive candidates. Now you can have a steady flow of intelligent picks delivered to you. They come from a group of professional and semiprofessional traders most of whom trade their own picks. Now, instead of looking for stocks, you can review more than a dozen attractive picks each week to see which of them work best with your trading style.

Each member of the Spike group does his or her homework and sends in their favorite pick on Sunday afternoon, either long or short. We show them on the website, attach the text of each person’s analysis, and make the files available to all Spikers as well to you – the SpikeTrade member. The following weekend we rate the performance of every pick and assign gold, silver, or bronze points to winners; at the end of each quarter the top three winners, based on points and equity, receive diplomas and checks.

So far the performance of our competition winners has been spectacular, double digits per quarter, but not everybody has made money. If you decide to use our research, you ’ll have to use proper risk control.

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